Landscape Maintenance

Carlos Martin Landscape Design provides Montgomery County and Washington DC clients maintenance services of unsurpassed quality.  Our maintenance programs revitalize and enliven your garden space to accentuate the finest features of your property.  Your grounds sparkle with fresh spectacular views. The lawn will be immaculately manicured. Our professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff is dedicated to maintain the natural beauty of your garden space across the seasons. Precise. Thoughtful. Meticulous.

Fall Clean Up Carlos Martin Landscape Design

Spring and Fall Clean-up Services   We spruce-up after a harsh winter, helping homeowners recover from Winter in D.C.,  Bethesda, Chevy Chase & Rockville since 1988.  We remove excess debris from lawn and garden to prep for a great growing season.  Clip the ornamental grasses, remove all those dead twigs in the garden.  Let’s get ready.  Come on Spring!

Planting Carlos Martin Landscape Design

Planting Floral accents highlight the garden and deliver a colorful impact all summer long to frame your home’s entrance. Annuals fill in the gaps when perennials and flowering shrubs quit blooming or haven’t reached peak.  We consider deterring deer visitors from the park, drought-tolerance, habitat for butterflies, texture and color pallette.

Moving Carlos Martin Landscape Design

Mowing    Cutting at the optimal height promotes a deeper root system for a mature, healthy yard. Trimming & edging along the foundation, fence, trees, flower beds, sidewalks and curbs, yields a professional landscape.  Neighbors will notice!

Drainage and Grading Carlos Martin Landscape Design

Drainage & Grading  When it rains, it pours!  If your home and yard drain properly, rainwater provides necessary water for plants and yards. If it doesn’t drain, you need draining, grading and erosion solutions.  We divert rainwater away from your Chevy Chase or Bethesda home to less vulnerable areas. 

Turf: Weed & Pest Control: Our customizable treatment plans cover the full spectrum of turf management:  fertilization, weed/pest control, soil testing, lime/gypsum treatments and aeration.  Need a straight-forward fix to a failing lawn or a 100% organic, pet-friendly treatment program?   Law and order will prevail over your yard and garden with our weed control and removal service. Our DC & MD Certified Pest Control Applicators will cultivate a happy, healthy lawn for you!

Pruning: At appropriate times, we hand-prune, hand shear and shape the small trees and shrubs on your property to generate a neat, manicured look you’ll love. Carlos Martin Landscape Design Build will have your crepe myrtles, roses, hydrangeas, shrubs, boxwoods and perennials pruned to perfection, ensuring proper growth and plentiful blooms each year. Each week, we shape and train your plants to provide a sharp “Welcome Home” curb appeal.

Fall Clean Up Carlos Martin Landscape Design

Mulching    Without covering vulnerable plants or tree trunks, we apply a 2-3 inch layer of organic material to the soil surface. Moisture is conserved, fertility improved, weed growth reduced and visual appeal enhanced.  Our crew is expert at properly mulching Washington DC properties.

Fertilization: Without enough nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium, plants have a difficult time producing blooms and vegetative growth.  Our tree, shrub, grass, perennial and annual fertilizations are carefully designed to combat a lack of nutrients in the soil.  Our DC & MD Certified Fertilization Applicators help your plants grow to full potential!

Aeration: Get a Thicker, Healthier Lawn this year!  Spring & Fall, we aerate to reduce soil compaction, improve the root system and break-down thatch.  Plus, overseeding immediately after aeration helps new grass plants to fill-in those thin areas.  Your lawn now has room to grow!

Snow Removal Carlos Martin Landscape Design

Snow Removal  In winter, when the weather outside is frightful, the Martin’s crew arrives to make it delightful!  We reliably remove snow and de-ice walks and parking areas to dependably make properties safe.

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