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Drainage & Grading
Excess water is an easily defeated enemy. Water Runoff frustrates some of the best-laid plans! We've got two goals here: Divert the water to halt damage to your property, and slow it down so that it percolates into the soil, rather than racing over it. We identify problem areas around your home and develop plans to reduce water run-off. The job is to successfully divert water away from flower beds, the lawn & foundation. Erosion effect are considered.
Our crews utilize a variety of effective drainage solutions:
French Drain Installation
running underneath the ground from the base of the home to the street via a trench.
Drain Cleaning
Sometimes, its just a matter of un-clogging your drains to facilitate water run-off.
Drain Repair
Broken, cracked, damaged drains need repair or replace.
Build a Berm a small hill covered with grass or other plants that will divert runoff around what you want to protect. You'll need to think about where the diverted water will flow, then consider what to plant. Grass is easy, until it's time to mow it. A variety of other plantings might be easier to maintain and can help the berm blend into the landscape. The best brief guide I've seen is "Building Soil Berms," available online from the University of Minnesota. If you're looking for a reasonably quick fix to protect plantings and structures, a berm may be the best option.

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